At Molecu we understand that every business is unique and therefore we only sell our projects through bespoke bundles, tailored to each client.

We aggregate the best carbon offsetting projects for our clients - they are selected through a stringent screening process that aligns to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

We source our projects globally.

This allows us to build bundles for clients of all shapes and sizes. Whether you want to optimise for cost, localise your offsetting or focus on a particular kind of impact.

Localising offsets can be a boost for your brand where it matters.

We have projects spread across every continent - this allows us to strike the best balance of supporting causes local to you and optimising for price.

Purchase independently verified projects that have lasting impact.

Our project bundles have been scrutinised to ensure they achieve the applied standards, such as Verified Carbon Standard and Gold Standard. Many of our projects are also verified by satellite data.

Our projects cover a broad range of carbon offsetting initiatives and support various UN SDGs.

This allows us to build bundles that have a far wider reaching impact that selecting only one project to offset your emissions.

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