We make it simple and credible for you to go carbon neutral.

Our purpose

We have the passion, skills, and resources to help our customers with solutions to navigate complex problems and enable them to reverse climate change.

Our mission is to help businesses source credible carbon offsets and achieve carbon neutrality.
Our vision is to remove the complexities that prevent our customers from starting or progressing their carbon neutral goals.

How it works

We aggregate carbon offsetting projects from around the globe

Our bundle builder guides you through the decisions required to offset effectively

Then our algorithm builds a bespoke bundle of offsets for your business

Our story

Born out of a passion to address climate change, a growing frustration at the pace of progress, and the unnecessary complexity of carbon markets, we began to develop Molecu.

We saw an opportunity to support businesses with credible carbon offsetting, through a unique connection to hundreds of carbon offsetting projects.

With growing distrust, complexity, and opaqueness, we saw an opportunity to simplify and drive impactful change through our innovative offering.

We combined industry experience with a passionate team to construct a solution that enables all businesses to support the mitigation of climate change.

With our linkage to credible providers, we are able to offer projects that have been carefully vetted and certified.

With growing pressure for visible change, we tailored a series of reports & marketing materials to easily break down the complexity to your investors, customers & employees.

Our projects

Our projects adhere to a stringent screening process to ensure you are offered the most meaningful project bundles.

Social Impact

We make sure projects in your bundle maximize the impact on sustainable development goals. This ensures support for local communities & people, in your quest to reverse climate change.

Credible Project Management

All projects are validated & verified by the leading global standards. This includes ongoing data gathering by Molecu, project developers, and international standards bodies.

Environmental Impact

The projects in your bundle combine the removal, reduction, and avoidance of emissions to ensure a multi-tiered approach to climate change mitigation and diversity of social impact.

Learn more about our individual projects here.

Our values

Molecu's values play an important role in shaping our organization and supporting our continued path to sustainability.


Great businesses and partnerships are built on trust. We are committed to working with our customers and partners to consistently deliver holistic carbon neutral services and products.


Our customers are looking to have a positive impact on the planet and ecosystem. We embed environmental and social impact in our products, services, and our daily operations.


There is great value in breaking down complex processes into simple ones. We strive to remove the operational and commercial barriers to accessing carbon neutral services for all businesses.


We know that the old cliché, time is money, holds true. We are bent into leveraging existing and emerging digital technologies to significantly reduce the time it takes to go carbon neutral.

Meet the team

Molecu was founded by colleagues whose passion for sustainability, climate change and technology enabled the creation of unique carbon solutions for all businesses. We hope to inspire action and would love to hear from you.
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Amr El Zanfally

Cofounder & CEO

"Our passion is to use all the resources we have to make a positive global impact."

Karen Scarbrough

Cofounder & CPO

"Enabling all businesses to participate in meaningful climate action at a cost and speed that allows the economy to advance, adapt, and sustain is our goal."

Rob Wavell

Cofounder & COO

"We're driven by taking climate action and finding practical solutions to the world's biggest problems."

Ahmed El-Mahdey

Software EngineerING

Tim Janes

Design and Brand