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Without Molecu you sift through endless carbon offset projects and expensive consultants to guide your purchasing decision.

With Molecu you are guided to make the decision online and are matched with a bundle of the most suitable carbon offset projects - in minutes.

Join 200+ businesses who have used Molecu to find which carbon offsets are right for them.

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Support the causes you care most about - aligned to the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals

Price optimized


Localise your offsets to ensure your impact hits close to home

$5 starting price


Prices starting $5/tonne for high quality offset bundles

Local offsets


Save your bundle and share it with the rest of your team

Credible developers


Only buy offsets from credible carbon offset project developers, auditors, and climate regulatory standard

Support relevant causes


Price optimized bundles ensure you get access to high impact projects at the lowest price available

Save for later


Not all offsetting projects are created equal.

Selecting a Carbon Offsetting project is challenging, there are many aspects to consider such as the environmental, economic and social impact of the projects and their relevancy to your brand.

By purchasing a bespoke bundle of offsets from Molecu you can balance all these elements to ensure your offsetting efforts have real, measurable impact on your business and the environment.

Simplifying the path to carbon neutrality

Molecu simplifies the steps to achieving carbon neutrality. We remove the time & cost to research offset projects and liaise with marketing specialists & consultants.

How it works

We aggregate carbon offsetting projects from around the globe

Our bundle builder guides you through the decisions required to offset effectively

Then our algorithm builds a bespoke bundle of offsets for your business

Totaly Bespoke

Our offset bundles are unique to each organisation. We analyse multiple elements of your business to build a package perfect for you.


Offsetting your carbon locally to your place of business can help negate the environmental impact and support your local economy.


Considering the values of your stakeholders is important when choosing how to offset your carbon emissions

Values and Strategy

Aligning your offsets to your wider sustainability strategy will boost brand image


Offsetting due to a regulatory requirement? We can tailor your bundle to suit.

Make smart decisions about which carbon offsets you buy

Molecu learns about your business values and strategy in minutes then builds you a unique carbon offsetting bundle from over 100 options.

Purchase independently verified projects that have lasting impact

Our project bundles have been scrutinized to ensure they achieve the applied standards, such as Verified Carbon Standard and Gold Standard.  The standards provide assurance and vetting through the verification of additionality, permanence, leakage, estimations and double counting.

Enhance your sustainability credentials by supporting projects your business cares about

Molecu carefully selects projects that support global goals set by the United Nations. Decide what matters to your business and we will do the rest.

Looking for carbon neutral certification?

We partner with experts and consultants for the quickest and most cost optimised verification and certification services. Please leave your details and one of our team will get back to you with more details.

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